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2014 Season

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The Builder and the Wrecker

There are so many times throughout my busy day where I come into contact with adults, children, educators, trainers, professionals, and neighbors.  There are those people who nourish my soul and I walk away with a jump in my step.  Unfortunately, there are also a few that bring me down.  I hope I am one who nourishes souls and will strive to do so!

What is the difference of the builder and the wrecker.  The builder is someone who finds the good in all situations and people and is able to foster a way of communicating that makes you feel safe, valued and respected.  The wrecker finds the negative in those around him/her and seeks to share those flaws with others? We all know how these types of people make us feel. Why would someone want to do that, it only tears others down and most importantly, leaves the one doing the wrecking feeling lousy.

I want to be a builder.  Someone who listens, understands, supports, inspires, and creates life.  I seek builders in my own life - those that find the good in themselves and others.  I think our community thrives in the presence of builders.  Builders chose humor, resilience, love, patience, kindness, and compromise before righteousness.  As fall settles in, I am making a conscience choice to build. Do you want to join me?

Great changes start with one person, so why not be the change?


Sessions are four to eight weeks long starting at the beginning of each month.  The difficulty level increases weekly so you are able to adjust nicely.

You burn approximately 450-850 calories per class.

Each workout is built so all fitness levels and age groups can participate.
The location changes weekly in the general area you register for.

Each class is one hour long.
You will need an exercise mat, hand weights, and a water bottle. Dress in layers and be prepared for rain.

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(916) 505-9675
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4111 E. Madison Street #67, Seattle, WA 98112

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